You don't often hear of a car dealership offering both a super-low down payment and low monthly payments; usually shoppers have to choose one or the other. Now, thanks to a very special finance opportunity, you can get both at a dealership near you!

Record new car sales at dealerships around the country have overloaded them with hundreds of great late-model, low mileage extra clean trade-ins. Because there are literally hundreds of vehicles that must be sold, participating dealers are accepting minimal down payments in order to reduce inventory as soon as possible. Buy one today for just $29 down and $99 a month! Got a little more you can afford in your monthly budget? This sale is for you, too. You'll find vehicles in every price and payment range.

Best Selling Used Cars

Not only do you get to drive home with an incredibly low down payment and make a low monthly payment, you get to choose from a huge selection. From Fords to Toyotas, convertibles to SUVS, you will find them all during this unique event - hundreds of cars to meet just about anyone's budget.

From top selling cars, trucks, and SUVs
to hard-to-find luxury models, this sale has it all!

Smart car buyers have long known that a used car is a terrific value. With no new car depreciation, preowned vehicles not only cost thousands less than their brand-new counterparts, they'll retain their value far better than a new car when it comes to resale or trade-in time.

The great thing about this used car event isn't just the low $29 down payment and low monthly payments, it's the tremendous selection that really makes it an incredible opportunity for used car buyers. Looking for one of those popular import sedans? How about a pick-up truck for those weekend fishing trips? Chances are great you'll find one during this one-of-a-kind clearance!

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